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20.4V 42400mAh Li-ion Polymer battery pack with connectors

With PCM: P/N 34529


Without PCM: P/N 34529-0

Listing price    $4500
Sample price  $3576

Volume price   $1656

Listing price    $4403
Sample price  $3479

Volume price   $1559

▪Ultra-high energy density
▪Compact, light weight
▪High discharge rate capabilities
▪Built-in Protection Function
▪Typical use in small to mid-sized UAS

▪ Capacity: 42400mAh
▪ Configuration: 6S4P / 20.4V / 24 Cells
▪ Discharge Rate: Max 80A(with PCM)

                               4C continuous, 8C <30second (without PCM)

▪ Net Weight (g): ~2860g(with PCM); ~2760g(without PCM)
▪ Dimensions: Maximum
 160mm Length x 160mm Width x 70mm Height (with PCM)

                         Maximum 160mm Length x 160mm Width x 60mm Height (without PCM)
▪ Charge Plug: JST XHP-7P
▪ Discharge Plug: XT90
▪ Protection Function(Alternative): Overvoltage protection; Undervoltage protection; Short circuit                                                                           protection; Overcurrent protection; Temperature protection; Balancing

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