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Total Power Solutions

At Tenergy, we have a team dedicated to the particular needs of North American Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our goal is to be our customers' Most Flexible, Affordable and Expedient Battery Pack manufacturing choice




Tenergy provides solutions and benefits specifically for crowdfunded projects:

  • Speed to Market

  • Reliability

  • Proven Technology

  • Fast Ramp-Up

  • Competive Cost


Tenergy provides solutions and benefits specifically for crowdfunded projects:

  • Speed to Market

  • Reliability

  • Proven Technology

  • Fast Ramp-Up

  • Competive Cost


Tenergy provides solutions for OEM manufacturers.

  • Flexibility

  • Reliability

  • Build to Order

  • Production Volumes

Tenergy is a Full­-Service, Turn­Key Original Design Manufacturer

Tenergy provides a full set of battery design services,

and will generate a robust, manufacturable battery design based on your particular needs. Tenergy combines deep knowledge of battery performance, current market trends, and results from our fully ­equipped cell testing lab in the generation of all designs. In addition to Fuel­ Gauging, Safety Circuitry, Embedded Firmware, Battery Construction, and Production Engineering, Tenergy can also design Plastics, Tooling, and Custom Labels. As needed, Tenergy may provide design guidance on Charger Selection, System Architecture, Regulatory Guidance, and Test Equipment.



Tenergy is ideally suited for rapid prototyping, typically producing first engineering articles within days or weeks.

Our team is streamlined to smoothly manage the design cycles required for a new design.



We are an ISO9001 Certified manufacturing facility and

employ IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits) Certified Assembly Technicians. We are also approved by Panasonic and Samsung as a pack manufacturers, a TUV approved manufacturer ofTUV certified product, and Intertek approved manufacturer of ETL certified product. To ensure the highest performance,

our assembly line employs computer controlled cell testing, integrated quality assurance, in­house welding, and in­house lead / connector fabrication.



We have a fully­-staffed team, with extensive experience sourcing from US­ and Pacific-­Rim-­based battery component suppliers and manufacturers.



Tenergy has the capability to either lead or support certification and testing through a variety of test houses. We are vell versed with UL, UN, IEEE (802, Bluetooth), WPC (Qi wireless charging), CE, FCC and other standards.         A well­ designed battery pack that meets applicable standards is often essential for securing product certification.


Shipping / Delivery

Not only does Tenergy make affordable battery packs expediently, we also ship them safely. We can deliver to virtually any domestic as well as most international destinations.

We have certified staff trained in UN / DOT / IATA shipments and certified for Class 9 Hazardous Materials in accordance with the Department of Transportation, Code of Federal Regulations Title 49. Additionally, we have close relationships with multiple shipping carriers to craft a shipping solution that best meets our customer’s needs.


About us


Our Goal is to be our customers' most Flexible, Affordable and Expedient Battery pack partnering choice.  We work closely with our customers to provide an ideal battery or charging solution for each particular circumstance, whether that be industrial, consumer products storage, transportation, medical, communications, military or other. In fact, Tenergy provides best in class service and technical knowledge for both Lithium and Nickel-based battery solutions.  We look forward to helping you with your next project.

Letters of Recommendation

High quality products

"Tenergy has always made every effort to expedite orders if requested.

...Tenergy has done all they can to accommodate those shortened delivery times."

Sylvia H. Young


Attentive to our needs

"Tenergy has always been very attentive to our needs. They have a stellar track record of providing the finest lithium batteries on time, and on budget."

Bill Eichhorn

Director of Operation

Competitive price

"Tenergy has consistently provided us with the technical expertise, product samples, and pricing we needed when choosing a supplier for battery pack"

Carlos Moris

Global Procurement & Int'l Transport




436 Kato Terrace, Fremont, CA 94539

Tel:  510.687.0388

Fax: 510.687.0328


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